Term 2 Holidays!

YAY! It’s the school holidays. My dad comes home for the holidays. He works in Cambodia so he’s not here on school days. My 15 year old sister went to Central Australia for a week. She didn’t go on a plane she went on a 30 hour trip on a bus. She saw the Uluru which is awesome. I could only play with my 12 year old brother.

When my sister came back from Central Australia we went to a restaurant called ‘My Cambodia’. The food was so tasty. We ate authentic food like steamed rice with BBQ pork,  sour soup, mixed vegetables with fried tofu. It is one of my favourite restaurants.

On the 2nd week of the holidays I helped my mum make brownies. I found out that it’s really easy making brownies.

Sadly, the holidays are gonna end in just a few days.


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