Earthquake in Nepal

I learnt about the earthquake that happened in Nepal. I thought about the little kids just like me but living in the cold weather without proper food, shelter or clothing in Nepal after the earthquake. I was very sad. I’d like to help them but I don’t know how so I wrote this poem.


Earth trembled and shook

 All the houses and buildings fell

Rocks rolled from the mountains

The people screamed in fear and terror

How did this happen? Why did this happen?

Questions went with no answers

Under the sky with no home

All the people, rich and poor, young and old  –  for

Kindness and help, they called to the world

Everyone & anyone, PLEASE LEND A HAND. 


Term 2 Holidays!

YAY! It’s the school holidays. My dad comes home for the holidays. He works in Cambodia so he’s not here on school days. My 15 year old sister went to Central Australia for a week. She didn’t go on a plane she went on a 30 hour trip on a bus. She saw the Uluru which is awesome. I could only play with my 12 year old brother.

When my sister came back from Central Australia we went to a restaurant called ‘My Cambodia’. The food was so tasty. We ate authentic food like steamed rice with BBQ pork,  sour soup, mixed vegetables with fried tofu. It is one of my favourite restaurants.

On the 2nd week of the holidays I helped my mum make brownies. I found out that it’s really easy making brownies.

Sadly, the holidays are gonna end in just a few days.


July 2015

It’s already July. Lot of things have finished in half a year. I’ve had Cross Country (a running challenge/fitness testing) which I came 12th in, House Athletics Day, Harmony Day, Chinese New Year Parade, the Beep Test (fitness testing in the the specialist sports for our semester reports) and lots more. By this half of the year being so quick and busy I think the other half of the year is gonna be a bit quicker and busier.