Camp Rumbug Foster North

This week we went on camp and everybody was very excited. This is our first time so we looked forward to it.

We said goodbye to our parents and set off. We travelled by bus passing beautiful places, houses and farms. On the way we watched Rio 2 on the bus. It was a very good movie. we stopped an hour later to have our snack at Coal Creek. After we had our snack we continued our travel.

Finally we reached Camp Rumbug. Everybody was so excited and ready to get on with the activities. Our leader for the 3 days was Jack.We were separated into groups to go into our cabin and activity groups. I had all of my friends in my cabin and most of my friends in my activity group.

Our group first did The Adventure bridge. It was made out of two ropes and a wire. We had to hold onto the two ropes on the sides and balance on the wire until we reach the end. Then we needed to do a very muddy obstacle course. It was fun to walk in the mud. We did other activities like The Giant Swing, Canoeing, Drawbridge and JailBreak. My favourite activity was  the giant swing.

We had the Lodgers Got Talent on the second night. We all dressed up in our lovely clothes and went for dinner. After dinner, everyone did something to show their talent like singing, acting, jokes, magic tricks etc. I also sang a song. It was “Count on Me” and I won.

The third day, we packed up for our return. We were a bit sad but we were tired and wanted to see our family too. That was the end of our camp time after three days but everyone had lots of fun.

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